Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Beating the Funk: Did Free Books Contribute To My Funk? (Part 3)

I've been focusing on my funk and actively trying to get my reading groove back.  And I'm finding some success.  BUT I've also spent more money than I typically spend on books.  I bought 9 books last months.  NINE!!!  I can't keep this up people.

One of the perks of book blogging is I get chances to read books for free in return for my honest review.  This is great but it means, I'm choosing books out of those who send me requests.  I'm not reading the newest reads or the New York Times Best Sellers.  I've been fine with that but  I got on this trend where I was just not enjoying the books I agreed to read and reading felt like an obligation.  So I closed off review requests.

I also get my books and audiobooks from my eLibrary.  I usually do get the newest most popular YA audiobooks from my eLibrary and it has been a great experience.  At one time time, I was on the road A LOT either visiting my parents or my husband.  But now the hubby and I live together and my parents moved out of state so I don't drive to visit them.  I'm just not in my car as much.  It takes me forever to listen to audiobooks like this but it's the best way to get a hold of books everyone's reading.  Plus after buying some of these YA books on paperback, it's hard to go back to audio because these are really quick and easy reads.

I've also stopped reading ebooks from my eLibrary because I'm just not interested in ebooks right now.  It's hard to explain but I just don't read as fast on my iPad.  Additionally, in this current funk, I get easily distracted on my iPad and turn other things like... monopoly.

My other option is the physical library.  I do not have a good relationship with my library here in Austin.  It's sad because I can go to any of them.  I first tried the Austin Public Library system about 7 years ago and there's always something that turns me off.  I just keep butting heads with personnel there.  I don't know what it is.  I took a break and when I moved back, I tried to give it another go.  But when it came time to get another library card, I was denied!!!  Gah!!  Long story short, my driver's license still has a Houston address, none of our bills are in my name, and they won't take the business bills in my name because the address goes to my office and not my home.  So... until I get the address on my license changed, the public library is out of the question.  Plus, I really don't like them anyway.

So how do I beat this funk... on a budget?  Any ideas?  There probably aren't any more options huh?  Gah!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Beating the Funk: Progress is Being Made (Part 2)

So I started to actively attempt to Beat the Funk and documented my efforts in Beating the Funk: Looking For Inspiration (Part 1).  While I've documented my progress in my head (in blog post style, at that), I've failed to jump back on and tell you guys how it's going.  And... it's going unbelievably well!!  I'm nothing if not goal oriented it seems.

I started with Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella the very night I returned from my search for inspiration.  I have to say that my funky mood made me quite a bit judgmental and I didn't enjoy this series the way others seem to.  I usually like Sophie Kinsella's characters because they are quirky, awkward, funny but still adorable.  I thought Rebecca was selfish and a tad stupid.  Obviously my funk didn't allow me to view this series the way others do.  I did read it in one night though and it has been ages since I did that.

The next day I started Uglies by Scott Westerfield.  I've been wanting to read this book for some time but it never appeared at my eLibrary so I never got around to it.  I liked it well enough but it read like a middle grade read instead of YA read but I'm not sure if that was just me.  I finished it in two days.  At this point, I'm pursuing a goal but not really enjoying myself.  I'd continue with series, don't get me wrong but I'm still not excited here.

Then... I started City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.  This one definitely ignited a spark.  It isn't the best series I've read or anything but I disappeared into this book quickly and really ENJOYED reading it.  The other good news? I finished 3 books in a week.  I hadn't done that in forever.

So...I headed back to the book store.  I picked up 3 more...

What do you think of my choices?  And my progress?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beating the Funk: Looking for Inspiration (Part 1)

Beating the Funk...

Last week (or before that...)  I posted how I was in a funk of all funks.  I'm not reading, listening to audiobooks, or blogging.  And I really want to.  So I'm taking the advice that some of you left for me in an effort to get out of my funk.

I'm going to use this post series to post about my efforts to get out of my reading funk AND post about random things.  The dirty truth is I'll probably have more "other" things to say than book things but we'll see.

And I'm also going to try various ways to get out of the funk.  Maybe others are going through the same thing and we can work through it together.  Maybe it'll work and maybe it won't.  We'll see together I guess.

Looking for Inspiration...

A couple days ago I came home from work and the Hubby was playing the Xbox.  That thing is like Twilight Zone.  There is no telling when he'll escape the lure of shooting people.  So jumped in the shower, put on my PJs and headed to Barnes and Nobles for some inspiration.  It was harder than I thought.  I wanted to grab some books that had been on my wishlist forever.  I wanted something I could get excited about.  And I settled on the three books above.  They were kind of on my wishlist but not really.  I was surprised to find that I honestly couldn't remember my wishlist and nothing really jumped at me.  I tried the romance section but I felt ehhh about it.  Soon I had been up and down every aisle and the intercom was telling me that the store was closing in 15 minutes.  EEK!  So I just picked three.  Did I choose well?  We'll see.

On Book Movies.  I saw two book movies in the same day.  I saw Gone Girl, named after the top-selling book by Gillian Flynn and The Equalizer, connected to a TV series and a novel by Michael Sloan.  I enjoyed both but I seriously walked away from each so exhausted.  They were both loooonnnnggg.  And I'm sorry neither needed to be that long.  Le Sigh.  I really don't have the attention span for long movies.  Did anyone else see these?  What did you think?

Fantasy Football.  I have once again hopped on the fantasy football train.  I've joined two leagues this year after winning the only league I participated in last year.  If you've never done fantasy football, you are missing out.  I'm currently 5-0 in BOTH leagues (can you say undefeated) though I see the writing on the wall this week.  I just love beating up on the guys.  Girls are meant to rule the world and fantasy football just proves it.  Ha!  Does anyone out there play?  You should!  It'll drive the guys crazy :)

That's it for now!  Toodles.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In a Funk...

I'm in a funk.

I haven't read a book in over two months.

I haven't finished an audiobook in the same time period.

And my blog makes me feel guilty so I avoid it like the plague.

What's a reader girl to do?

Any must-reads out there that could help me out?

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